Fourth of July Pine Cone Wreaths

Happy Joyous and Free
Happy Joyous and Free This wreath is an American Holiday Classic , just gorgeous with dimensional layers on a wired 18 inch form. This red white and blue pine cone wreath sparkles with stars and patriotic decorations.

America Land of the Free
America Land of the Free This Patriotic wreath brings back sentiment of love for country. Grateful for America and our blessed life, show your Spirit with this patriotic wreath. Gather Families spend time in gratitude and thanks for this Extraordinary Country. Made of natural and red, white, and blue materials, this wreath brings up feelings of joy, warmth of brotherhood and celebration for our liberties.

Patriotic Love
Patriotic love

Patriotic Red, White, and Blue Pine Cone Wreath.
Pine Cone Wreath, made with White Pine cones. Roughly 16-17 inches wide on a 12-inch wire wreath form. May vary just slightly from the photo.

Patriotic pinecone wreath. Patriotic decor
This patriotic pinecone wreath is 12 inches in diameter. With the pinecones the wreath is now 15 1/2 inches. The pinecones are painted red, white, and blue. This wreath is a little heavy so it will need a secure hook or nail.

Proud to be an American
This patriotic wreath symbolizes a great love for this great country. Let your pride and honor shine by hanging this wreath on your porch for all to see and remember Americas greatness.

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