What is Independence Day?

We celebrate American Independence Day on the Fourth of July every year. July 4, 1776 is a day that represents the Declaration of Independence and the birth of the United States of America as an independent nation. The United States was born in the Assembly Room of Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Happy Birthday, America!

To see a virtual tour of Independence Hall, watch the virtual tour video below. To skip ahead to the Assembly Room, skip to 1:50 of the video. Thanks to HistoryBuff.com for making this informative video!

Here is the Original Rough Draft of the Declaration of Independence.

At Independence Hall in Philadelphia, historic scenes are reenacted and the Declaration of Independence is read to celebrate the Fourth of July. See the Video below! You can read this Declaration of Independence to follow along as you hear the reading!

The first 4th of July was celebrated on July 4, 1777 in Philadelphia. An article, printed by The Virginia Gazette on July 5, 1777, described the celebrations. You can read it here

4th of July Parades & Festivals - We all love processions with marching bands, floats, balloons and costumes .
You can find local parades & festivals from your local event listings online. Or you can plan a trip to visit major events! Some 4th of July parades & festivals that we recommend visiting at least once in a lifetime are:

1. Wawa Welcome America - in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It's a 10 Day celebration at the Birthplace of the United States! Visit the Wawa Welcome America Website or View Images here

2. Bristol 4th of July Parade - in Bristol, Rhode Island. This parade is the OLDEST 4th of July celebration in the nation! Visit the Bristol 4th of July Parade Website! or View images here

3. National Independence Day Parade - in Washington DC. Celebrate at the Nation's Capital! Visit the National Independence Day Parade Website or View images here

4. 4th of July Alameda Parade - in Alameda, California. Come and see one of the longest and largest Fourth of July parades in the nation! Visit the 4th of July Alameda Parade Website or View images here

Recommended Fireworks Shows

5. Macy's 4th of July Fireworks Show - in New York. This is the Biggest fireworks display in the country.

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