Fourth of July Bamboo Torches

Patio Essentials Patriotic Bamboo Torch (6 Pack)
Repels mosquitoes and other pesky bugs Convenient and easy to move around the yard or to pack up and take with you Creates a warm and welcoming environment when hosting backyard activities and events Safe and secure way to mosquito proof your yard Great for Luau, beach & tropic-themed parties; Outdoor use only

Patriotic Bamboo Torch, 48", Per Package of 6
Highlights: Color: Assorted Material: Bamboo Height: 48" Length: 2.36" Width: 2.36" Easy-fill, wide-mouth can Ideal for deck, patio or camping areas Constructed of all-natural, renewable bamboo 6/Pack

Americana Patriotic Bamboo Torch
5-Feet Bamboo Torch Natural handcrafted red, white and blue design Contains long life fiberglass wick Contains refillable 12-ounce metal can with flame guard and snuffer cap and snuffer cap Torch fuel sold separately; Fill the canister with Tiki Brand Bitefighter Torch Fuel to provide proven mosquito repellency

Patriotic Tiki Torch
This table-top Tiki torch is up for sale just in time for the 4th of July! Celebrate your 4th in a reduced bug environment, with a Patriotic themed Tiki torch. It measures approximately 12” in height and boasts a Mesquite wood base which is approximately 4.5” in circumference. The unit weighs slightly over 2 pounds and is beautifully decorated in the Red, White & Blue, along with a star or two (or several). It comes complete with the refillable torch and snuffer-cap, just add your fluid, light and let the celebration begin.

Patio Essential Patriotic Party Pack
Party Pack Contents (50 total items): 4 Patriotic Torches, 3 18 oz. Citronella Buckets, 3 5 oz. Glass Candles, 24 Tealights, 4 Replacement Torch Wicks, 12 Bug Bands True value of this pack is $100. You save 40% on the best citronella and mosquito repellents on the market. Creates the ultimate barrier around your yard for an unbelievable value. Convenient and easy to move around the yard or to pack up and take with you. Creates a warm and welcoming environment in your backyard all summer. The perfect addition to any backyard party.

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